Hi, I’m Jen, a feminist, a writer, and a gender equality researcher. I love writing!

I love writing mostly because I love reading, and the power that books and stories have to shape us.

I’ve edited two collections of non-fiction feminist writing (My First Time, Feminism Is) and written one novel (The Peculiars). You can find out more about these in the Books tab above, or click on the title you’re interested in below.


Cover[12]9781485903406-hrModjadji_My First Time_A_HR

I also write features articles for online and print publications, short stories, and the occasional poem.

Work-wise I work as a feminist writer, researcher, and editor. This means I try to pursue work that furthers gender equality, and human rights for women. I am a firm believer in feminist values and equality.

I also run Feminist South Africa, and the My First Time websites. So take a look at those too.

If you’d like to get in touch with me, please feel free to do so via the contact page.


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