Time of the Writer Fest this week!

The University of KwaZulu-Natal’s Centre for Creative Arts (CCA) will present the 24th edition of the Time of the Writer International Festival virtually on the festival’s social media channels from 15 to 21 March 2021. That's this week! HOORAY! The line-up features incredible writers and thinkers, and you can enjoy their company right from the comfort of… Continue reading Time of the Writer Fest this week!

Four free things to support your writing this February

Every year I set myself a goal of writing more. I don't say how much more and I don't set a word count or time-at-my-desk target. This is probably against the advice of every goal setting self-help book you've ever read but it works for me. I know when I set myself harsh or impossible… Continue reading Four free things to support your writing this February

The Global Literature in Libraries Initiative – My January 2021 Blog Takeover

Last year in the doldrums of 2020 employment opportunities I received an email that really excited me from Karen Van Drie. Karen is an American librarian working in Istanbul, Turkey and is as Executive Director of the Global Literature in Libraries Initiative -- a collection of publishers, translators, librarians and authors working to get more of… Continue reading The Global Literature in Libraries Initiative – My January 2021 Blog Takeover

2020 in 61 books

2020 was very many things, but it was mostly staying inside my house and looking at my bookshelf. It was waking up and being unable to tell what day it was, and only attaching myself to any one week or moment by the book I was reading, what I had last read, and what I… Continue reading 2020 in 61 books

Book recommendations from eleven feminists

While 2020 has (obviously) not been the year that many hoped it would be (understatement of the year, perhaps?) it has propelled people to reflect on the way they're living, the world they want, and the things they want to do. For me, one of the things that 2020 allowed me to do was take… Continue reading Book recommendations from eleven feminists