On International Women’s Day – Defend Our Line in the Sand

It has been a hard week for women, a hard day. A hard month, a hard year, a hard lifetime. I could write this sentence at any moment in history and it would have been true. Even on the weeks and days when victories are won, the backlash is the shadow lurking behind them. I… Continue reading On International Women’s Day – Defend Our Line in the Sand

City Press Non-Fiction Award Seeks Entries


Two weeks in France

I have had the extreme good fortune of being in France for the past two weeks at the CAMAC residency that I was crowdfunded / French Consulate funded to attend. As I've said similarly in a postcard that I'll send to a friend this week: I'm basically in Beauty and the Beast. With less beast… Continue reading Two weeks in France

The Other Stories Podcast, featuring moi!

In March when I was at the Vermont Studio Centre I was interviewed by Ilana Masad, creator of The Other Stories podcast. Ilana is an Israeli-American fiction writer, book critic, essayist, and editor for hire. Ilana and I chatted about The Peculiars, and some new projects I'm working on, all from the comfort of our… Continue reading The Other Stories Podcast, featuring moi!

A month ’til France!

This time next month I start my two-month residency at the Camac Art Centre. Exciting! In an ideal world I'd be brushing up on my French and increasing my wine consumption to prepare. In real life I'm working away to make sure I can take that time to sit and write, 8 hours per day, 6 days… Continue reading A month ’til France!

I’m going to France! Woohoo

I am happy to share the exciting news that my CAMAC residency is all paid up and I'll be heading to France for June and July to write! I just wanted to acknowledge the incredible individuals and families who have generously supported my online funding campaign. Without you all I never would have been able to… Continue reading I’m going to France! Woohoo

The Peculiars has been long-listed for the Barry Ronge Fiction Prize

Exciting news! I found out yesterday that The Peculiars has made the longlist for the Barry Ronge Fiction Prize. This list contains some incredible South African fiction, and I'm extremely honoured to have been included. Hold thumbs everyone! Thanks to everyone who has read The Peculiars so far. I hope you enjoyed it! If you haven't… Continue reading The Peculiars has been long-listed for the Barry Ronge Fiction Prize