Writing for print


Elle Magazine

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket – August 2018

Cosmopolitan Magazine

Can you watch trashy TV and still be a feminist? – August 2018

#TamponTaxMustFall – May 2018

The Mail and Guardian

Anonymity a Rape Survivor’s Right (February 7 2011), Sharing, caring and being inspired by Eve (25 July 2011), Cumtree cliches and boorish attitude as sexy as catching a virus (3 August 2012)

Marie Claire

Debate, August 2011

Oprah Magazine

O Heroine interview with India Baird (January 2012), O Heroine interview with Romy Titus (February 2012), Article on teenage pregnancy (May 2012), Everybody needs good neighbours (July 2012), Our Future’s In Good Hands (September 2012), O Heroine interview with Sheri Brynaud (November 2012), Hear, hear! (Article on the women who have had us talking in 2012) (December 2012)


What gains have been made for women since 1994 (2015)

The Big Issue

Sisters are doing it to themselves (2013 Collectors Edition)

If you are interested in commissioning me to write an article for your publication, please contact me on

email jen


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