Reviews of Feminism Is


Between 10and5: 

Reading this collection of pieces acts both as a meditation, and as a window into the wider world of personal links to feminism at large. It is joyous, thought-provoking, exciting and expanding.

Affinity Magazine

Feminism Is is the glorious, raw and much needed result of years and years of suppressed anger, discord and injustice. If you want to get impassioned, angry, educated and inspired, Feminism Is is the perfect book for you. Each essay will draw you in with compelling stories, brilliant viewpoints and quality writing. This book answers old questions, poses new ones, challenges your thinking and inspires change. For South Africans, especially, it is great to finally have something concrete to use as a tool to battle the ever-present sexism and misogyny in this country.

Sugary Oblivion

With a contents lists that reads like the who’s who of South African feminism, you’re bound to find something by someone you admire, and the writing ranges from touching and tender to academic and hard-hitting, and everywhere in between…Filled with brave and intelligent voices from feminists who, like many of us, are still trying to figure things out, as far as representation goes, ‘Feminism Is’ shines, with the inclusion of many feminists you may have seen on Twitter, on television or in the media.

The Daily Vox

Whether you identify as a feminist or not, this is an excellent book as a starting point for engaging with the issues. It doesn’t answer all of the questions but it does pose new questions for taking the discussion around feminism, inclusion, exclusion, patriarchy, and struggle forward.


The misconceptions about feminism abound. Thus it is heartening to read a collection of essays written by South African feminists about what feminism means to them…I recognise how much work I, personally, need to do in order to live a kinder, more conscious life. While reading the essays in this collection, I found myself repeatedly rethinking my own attitudes.


All of the contributions by the different authors are written beautifully and when read together encapsulates all the sides to feminism and accurately describes what feminism means, how to be a feminist and why feminism is still needed in South Africa.

The Weaving Room

If there is a book that succinctly illustrates voices, variances but a common goal to disrupt and revolutionize spaces as gently or as fiercely as possible, this is it.

Cape Argus

…this book is important, not only to get an understanding of what feminism actually means in the modern context (and believe me, your eyes will be opened), but also to appreciate, as veteran journalist-editor Ferial Haffajee observes in her contribution, “there is a long road to freedom, given that one in two South Africans lives in poverty, and that most of those compatriots are black women.”

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