Living While Feminist is on shelves in March!

Exciting news! Living While Feminist will be on the shelves at all good book stores on 30 March! This collection follows the Feminism Is collection, but instead of reaching out to already famous feminist voices, I pitched it as an open submission collection. I received more than 200 000 words in submissions and with the… Continue reading Living While Feminist is on shelves in March!

Living While Feminist is in a good bookshop near you!

What a good way to start a week! Living While Feminist is now out in the world and in bookstores.¬†HOORAY!¬† You might have already seen that: Living While Feminist has been profiled as 'New and Noteworthy' by the Book Lounge on their landing page, and is available for delivery from their store (if you're in Cape Town);You… Continue reading Living While Feminist is in a good bookshop near you!

2019 in 50 Books

A short review of the 50 books I read in 2019. Hope you enjoy!

Going back to High School, 18 years later…

This March I had the opportunity to go back to my high school as a writer in residence to give writing workshops and have discussions around feminist issues with the girls there. In 1997, the then Principal of Epworth, Geraldine Kerton-Johnson, had come to my junior school to tell us about what it was like… Continue reading Going back to High School, 18 years later…

If the present changes the past, what do we do with the future?

Now that we're here, in 2020, what meaning do we make of what has happened and where do we take it? What do we do with all this time?

So you want to go on a writing residency?

In just a few weeks I'll be heading to my third writing residency in Nerac, France. I can't tell you how much I look forward to residencies for the dedicated and selfish time of writing. At home it feels like there are a million things that distract me and pull me away from it, and… Continue reading So you want to go on a writing residency?

Dear new parliamentarians,

Congratulations. You have been given the honour of serving your country, and serving its people. Very few people get this chance to make laws that change lives, change lived realities, give or take away access to justice and health and safety. Yours is a job that comes with extreme power. I hope you use that… Continue reading Dear new parliamentarians,