Adulting 101 (2022)

Sometimes it is hard to be an adult. Yes, you can go to bed as late as you want, but you have to make decisions all the time. You have bills to pay and taxes to do. It’s enough to make you want to scream – WHY DID NOBODY TELL ME IT WOULD BE LIKE THIS?

Adulting 101 will help you navigate the tricky terrain of adulthood. Jen Thorpe guides you through everything you need to know from relationships, sex, work, health and money to how government and the media work.

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Exclusive Books hosted the launch of Adulting 101 with Sam Beckbessinger. You can watch the video via their Facebook page, here


“From taking care of your mental health, dealing with mjolo(romantic relationships), choosing the right renting places, taking care of your finances, the benefits of masturbation(yes, you have read that right) and to knowing your rights as a citizen, almost everything is covered in the book that will set you up for the life of being called an adult.” EW Blog

“While there are many books on navigating adulthood across the globe, what makes this one different is that it is relevant and written ‘in the now’.” Sunday Independent

“Dis ‘n sober, praktiese en bowenal vermaaklike boek wat jou op die smalle weg sal hou.” Rapport


I did a series of interviews on OFM’s The Joyride. Take a listen: