Living While Feminist is a podcast that explores the ups and downs, ins and outs, and the emotional rollercoaster ride of living a feminist life. Each week I talk to feminists about their lives and experiences.

S2, E9: Helené Prinsloo – Fitness, fat phobia and feminist freedom Living While Feminist

Today on the podcast I talk with with Helené Prinsloo about fitness, fat phobia, and feminist freedom. Helené works in publishing, promoting fiction and nonfiction for NB Publishers. She is a ‘professional bookworm’ and she has been active in the book industry for eight years helping writers tell and promote their stories. She is originally from Queenstown in the Eastern Cape but now lives in Sea Point. When not busying herself with books she plays five-a-side football with the Badgers Football Club – something she talks about in her piece in Living While Feminist – Being Fit While Being Fat. It was her first piece of writing to be published in a book, but – exciting news – she’s is working on finally finishing her debut novel. Before Corona struck Helené was learning Xhosa, making pesto, playing nerdy boardgames and finding new playlists on Spotify. Full disclaimer – Helené is the fantastic publicist for both Living While Feminist and Feminism Is – and we are all so very grateful.
  1. S2, E9: Helené Prinsloo – Fitness, fat phobia and feminist freedom
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