My First Time

My First Time was a women’s writing project focussing on stories of women’s significant first time experiences. Writers were invited to submit anonymous posts to the website and a selection of these stories was published as a book in 2012.

It began in 2010, and concluded in 2020. The book is now no longer in print, so if you have your copy it is a LIMITED EDITION.


Daily Maverick: “My First Time is a brave, moving, compelling read. It should be a compulsory addition to the libraries of South African schools, because it’s easy to imagine that it might be a hugely helpful read for teenagers in particular (and not just girls – boys too).”

Times Live: “Sharing their intimate experiences on Jen Thorpe’s blog women reveal their darkest secrets and discuss their hopes and dreams. In her collection ‘My First Time’, Thorpe has curated these stories. Some are joyful, others devastating.”

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