Opinion and feature writing


I blog and write on various platforms on the web including Women and Girls Hub, the Mail and Guardian Thoughtleader, and W24.com.

Here are a few you can have a look at:

Women and Girls Hub

  • Concern over popular contraceptive and HIV vulnerability in South Africa. Click here
  • South African Court Lifts the Time on Reporting Sexual Offences. Click here
  • South Africa’s Domestic Violence Shelters Forced to Turn Women Away. Click here
  • Feminism and Mentors Keep Girls in School in Sierra Leone. Click here
  • From Botswana to Brazil: 7 young women share their dreams and fears (South Africa). Click here
  • Lesbian domestic violence: South Africa’s invisible epidemic. Click here
  • The call to decriminalise sex work continues to grow in South Africa. Click here
  • Leading a new generation in the fight for reproductive rights. Click here
  • Hate Crime call for corrective rape receives a boost in South Africa. Click here
  • South African Activists Call for Legal Recognition of Muslim Marriages. Click here
  • South Africa’s #SayHerName campaign honours murdered sex workers. Click here

Mail and Guardian Thoughtleader (too many to list). Click here

Mail and Guardian Online. Click here

  • Sharing, caring and being inspired by Eve. Click here
  • Naked cyclists dare Cape Town to change. Click here
  • New Gender Equality Bill won’t save rape crisis. Click here
  • Cumtree boorish attitude as sexy as getting a virus. Click here
  • Decriminalise sex work – it’s a profession that deserves as much dignity as any other. Click here



  • Why wedding diets are so scary. Click here
  • What feminists are doing wrong. Click here
  • Are all car salesmen sexist? Click here
  • Violence against women. It’s a guy thing. Click here
  • What women really want. Click here
  • On body image, beauty, and bullshit. Click here
  • Are women just an afterthought? Click here


  • It’s time to stop treating girls like they’re inferior to boys. Click here
  • What an ideal law on women’s equality would look like. Click here
  • Did Helen and Mamphele mess it up for all of us? Click here
  • Should we care about celebrity feminism? Click here
  • Body shaming, fat shaming, and vicious gossip. Click here
  • A rape survivors guide. Click here
  • Why I’m an angry feminist now. Click here.
  • Should we care about celebrity feminism? Click here
  • When it’s time to take a break from stress. Click here
  • Another 16 Days Against Gender-Based Violence. Click here
  • What to do after sexual assault or rape. Click here


  • Lowering the age of consent to 12. Click here
  • Do anti-rape campaigns work? Click here
  • We need to start talking about periods. Click here
  • Abortion: Should your partner have a say in your decision? Click here
  • Don’t let a divorce stop you from being a good dad. Click here
  • 17 ways you can tribute your 67 minutes on Mandela Day. Click here
  • It’s time to stop treating girls like they’re inferior to boys. Click here
  • Hope is the defining characteristic of January. Click here
  • Should we report abuse on social media? Click here
  • 7 ways to support the 16 days of activism campaign. Click here


  • ANC targets racism, why not sexism too? Click here
  • Over 50% of divorces are initiated by women – StatsSA. Click here
  • Ending institutionalised rape myths #RUHelping? Click here
  • Drinking and sex: What does ‘too drunk to consent’ mean? Click here
  • Peaceful protestors should be praised not punished. Click here
  • Getting legal support after a sexual assault or rape. Click here
  • 5 years after Zuma promised free sanitary towels, little has been done. Click here
  • How you can get involved in the 16 Days of Activism. Click here


  • Burnt out already? You’re not alone. Click here
  • This is what happened when I proposed to my boyfriend. Click here
  • Chimamanda’s feminism offends trans women. Click here
  • How junk status could negatively affect women in particular. Click here
  • Sexual abuse victims can now lay charges more than 20 years after their assaults. Click here
  • What to do if your workplace is toxic and you can’t leave. Click here
  • #MeToo burnout: Why it’s ok to take a step back. Click here

Mail and Guardian Women. Click here

Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust Blog 

  • What would you have done. Click here
  • Awareness, responsibility, and blame. Click here
  • Sexuality amongst minors. How young is too young? Click here
  • Durex SA cocked it up on the eve of the 16 days of activism. Click here


Like every other day of my life I woke up female. Click here

Radio Netherlands Africa

  • Mandela’s legacy for women. Click here
  • Is it really a ‘world’ cup when women don’t have the same opportunities. Click here
  • Women’s freedom of speech: Old challenges, new solutions. Click here

Elle Online

3 SA women on feminism. Click here 

The African Women’s Development Fund

African Women Speak Back – Using Radio to Tackle Violence. Click here



One thought on “Opinion and feature writing

  1. […] Even during this time the grindstone continued. I worked with the OECD on doing a legislative review of the gender rights laws of five African countries for their SIGI database. It’s a great resource for researchers so check it out. In this time I also worked with the Shukumisa Coalition on drafting a history document for the coalition looking at its history from its inception in the early 2000s, to the work it does now. Having been a member myself since 2010, it was a really rewarding project. In addition to this work I kept up with my blog and opinion piece writing for W24.co.za and Women and Girls Hub. More on that, here. […]


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