Published 2022, Kwela

Published 2020, Kwela

Sunday Times: “The dizzying suspense in The Fall mounts from the first line…The Fall is remarkable in giving readers a riot of a time in a book that defies genre – part political satire and history, crossed with drama and sci-fi, united by the oldest story of all, a love story.”

EW Blog: “Jen is an artful writer and she demonstrated her prowess as a storyteller with this gem … this book is a page-turner, entertaining, and a masterpiece. I believe a sequel will most definitely be welcomed.

PointviewFM: “Jen Thorpe’s second novel ‘The Fall’ is packed with insight on activism, journalism, politicos and people.”

Published 2020, Kwela

Hey Anci: “Jen Thorpe deserves an accolade because this book is amazing.  You will get angry, sad and you will cry in between nodding your head and screaming *That’s me*.”

BooksOverBreakfast: “A quick and dynamic read; I identified with a number of stories in the book and where I didn’t, I learnt.”

Rapport: “Van die stukke is gewaarborg om jou dalk woedend of opgewonde te maak, maar dit gee aan vroue ‘n stem en ondersoek hoe vroue se liggame en gesondheid verander en hoe hulle verstrik raak én hulleself verstrick in allerlei gevestigde opvattings.”

Published 2018, Kwela

Between 10and5: Reading this collection of pieces acts both as a meditation, and as a window into the wider world of personal links to feminism at large. It is joyous, thought-provoking, exciting and expanding.

Affinity Magazine: Feminism Is is the glorious, raw and much needed result of years and years of suppressed anger, discord and injustice. If you want to get impassioned, angry, educated and inspired, Feminism Is is the perfect book for you.

Sugary Oblivion: With a contents lists that reads like the who’s who of South African feminism, you’re bound to find something by someone you admire, and the writing ranges from touching and tender to academic and hard-hitting, and everywhere in between.

The Daily Vox: Whether you identify as a feminist or not, this is an excellent book as a starting point for engaging with the issues. It doesn’t answer all of the questions but it does pose new questions for taking the discussion around feminism, inclusion, exclusion, patriarchy, and struggle forward.

Book Dash, 2017

My Inside Weather is a children’s book that helps children identify their feelings by using the weather. It was produced with the Book Dash team in 2017.

Penguin South Africa, 2016

Cape Times, 18 March 2016: “This is a fabulous book about people facing the things that scare them, and the knock-on effects that their healing has on those around them. But more than that Thorpe has managed to create a world for her characters that is so real an in touch with the landscape the story plays out in that you feel that you are with the characters…The Peculiars satisfies on so many levels; it works as a love story, as an entertaining story about phobias…it is a fantastic read that will have you thinking… Thorpe is a voice to watch, and I look forward to her next book.”

Bookish: “It’s an engrossing, warm read that is perfect for a night in when you just want a book that just feels like home. Jen has created loveable, recognisable characters and a vivid picture of a side of Cape Town we don’t often see.”

The Times: “It’s an easy and enjoyable read with gentle humour and good rendering of Cape Town.”

Published 2012, Modjaji Books