Writing advice from Lauren Beukes

More local writing advice! Lauren Beukes is an award-winning South African author, and comics writer, screenwriter, journalist and documentary maker. Her books have been sold all around the world with huge acclaim. Her most recent novel is a dystopian post-pandemic piece of fiction set in the USA. Afterland (listen to her talk about it on… Continue reading Writing advice from Lauren Beukes

Short Story 3: Lauren Beukes, Confirm/Ignore

This week the internet is excited about a short story on the New Yorker called Cat Person. I read it, loved it, and will probably write about it soon. In a strange coincidence, this morning I picked up Lauren Beukes' latest collection¬†Slipping and flicked through looking for a short story to read. I landed on… Continue reading Short Story 3: Lauren Beukes, Confirm/Ignore