A month ’til France!

This time next month I start my two-month residency at the Camac Art Centre. Exciting!

In an ideal world I’d be brushing up on my French and increasing my wine consumption to prepare. In real life I’m working away to make sure I can take that time to sit and write, 8 hours per day, 6 days a week (one must rest at least one day, surely). I am really looking forward to getting stuck back in to the novel that I started in Vermont, and to working with those characters.

It will be a real challenge to stay focussed, and also to be away from my love and my cats for such an extended period. I am really in a happy place, planning my wedding and getting excited for the future. I’ll be meeting up with my fiance in Copenhagen after my trip for a pre-wedding-honeymoon in the Faroe Islands. Feeling very lucky!

I cannot wait to be there and safe and sitting at my desk again, blank pages before me. For now it’s all planning and slogging to make that a reality.