Writing advice from Qarnita Loxton

Starting Monday off with a local favourite!

Qarnita Loxton is the author of three books in a series that centres women and their friendships. Being Kari, Being Lily, and Being Shelley which have been described as Cape Town’s Sex and the City. She has managed to pull this off in amazing time, publishing three books in three years (applause here, because WOW). She began her writing journey taking an online writing course with two Cape Town writers, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Her writing advice is taken from a tweet she posted this March when asked to give advice for aspiring writers.

My advice would be just try it. Keep going and don’t give up. The value in writing is firstly for yourself, and that is never a waste of time.

Qarnita Loxton on Twitter

As the sticker on her books say, these books are great for fans of Marian Keyes – easy to read while still touching on really sensitive and emotional topics. There are four friends in this friendship group so I know we’re all waiting for the final instalment!