Five years of South African women’s novels (in English) – 2015 to 2019

First five years of list building done. Phew.

I discovered 245 books published by 122 authors, a huge range of self-published books (mostly in the romance and crime thriller genres), and many many authors that I wasn’t aware of. I discovered how many of SA women authors are on GoodReads and realised that we need to go and rate their books to encourage awareness of their writing beyond SA.

Who were the lucky publishers to publish these writers? Themselves, mostly. 50 self-published books over the last five years (that I could find). It really inspired me. Umuzi (20), Penguin (15) and Kwela (10) were the top three local publishers of SA Women’s English novels in this five year range.

Here is the full list, in alphabetical order by surname. Enjoy.