After attending a ten-day long writers workshop in Uganda (hosted by the AWDF and FEMRITE) I realised that I wanted and needed to read more writing from African women writers. I was inspired by the writers who attended and facilitated the workshop (read more about these women here – they will blow your mind).

I needed it because it was in line with my feminist principles to hear women’s stories from women. I needed it because my education had centred around famous books written by famous (mostly white) men. I needed it because I want to learn more about the African continent through the eyes of other African women like myself.

In our goodbyes in Uganda, I promised that I wasn’t going to read any fiction written by anyone except for African women for a year.

I began this project on 1 September 2014, and the official project ended on 30 September 2015. On the blog I’ll posted reviews of African women’s fiction, profiling African women writers, and shared opportunities for writing for women on the African continent.

You can read all the pieces here, or in the blog on this site. Start here


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