The Pressure to Produce – some thoughts on capitalism and creativity

Buy Adulting 101 now! Most creatives will tell you that the pressure to produce, to create, has both benefits and drawbacks. A little bit of creative pressure can squeeze out the best of your creative juices like a well rolled toothpaste tube. For me, a deadline or a competition is something that can drive me… Continue reading The Pressure to Produce – some thoughts on capitalism and creativity

Writing advice from Elizabeth Gilbert

Today's writing advice from Elizabeth Gilbert. Trust me, we all need this advice.

Writing advice from Anne Lamott

Anne Lamott's bird by bird: some instructions on writing and life is one of those books you finish and release a deep sigh of wellbeing. It makes it all seem possible. It was given to me as a gift by some in-laws and it has been a great book to dip in and out of… Continue reading Writing advice from Anne Lamott

Writing advice from Ann Schuster

I love buying books about writing. It makes me feel as if I am a real writer and makes me pay attention to the books I read in a different way. But, many of these books contain the disappointing news that this act of buying books about writing, an act I take great pleasure in,… Continue reading Writing advice from Ann Schuster

Writing While Feminist – a writing prompt series.

At the start of the COVID19 lock down I saw a lot of people saying that they were going to use this time to GET SHIT DONE. Hm, I thought, not me. I feel like I need a nap. Nap I have done, dear reader. Many a nap has been had. But I have also… Continue reading Writing While Feminist – a writing prompt series.

If the present changes the past, what do we do with the future?

Now that we're here, in 2020, what meaning do we make of what has happened and where do we take it? What do we do with all this time?