Writing advice from Elizabeth Gilbert

Many people know Elizabeth Gilbert from the fame of Eat, Pray, Love and many more know her for the many other books she has written, or podcasts she has been on. She seems (from afar) like a kind, thoughtful, and good person.

For me, the book that was most useful to my writing and creative practice was her book, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear which is a sort of manifesto and tribute to the creative life, and offering to you as the creative all in one. It’s a great book, especially if you want to pursue creativity (in whatever form) but have something holding you back.

Since it is a Monday – a day for many of us where our ‘real life’ responsibilities can feel particularly present with us at the creative table, possibly even oppressively so – I would like to offer you some advice from this book that you may need.

Are you considering becoming a creative person? Too late, you already are one. To even call somebody “a creative person” is almost laughably redundant; creativity is the hallmark of our species. We have the senses for it; we have the curiosity for it; we ave the opposable thumbs for it; we have the rhythm for it; we have the language and the excitement and the innate connection to divinity for it.

If you are alive, you’re a creative person.


The guardians of high culture will try to convince you that the arts belong only to a chosen few, but they are wrong and they are also annoying. We are all the chosen few.

From Elizabeth Gilbert – Big Magic. Page 89.