Living While Feminist is on shelves in March!

Exciting news! Living While Feminist will be on the shelves at all good book stores on 30 March! This collection follows the Feminism Is collection, but instead of reaching out to already famous feminist voices, I pitched it as an open submission collection. I received more than 200 000 words in submissions and with the… Continue reading Living While Feminist is on shelves in March!

Dear new parliamentarians,

Congratulations. You have been given the honour of serving your country, and serving its people. Very few people get this chance to make laws that change lives, change lived realities, give or take away access to justice and health and safety. Yours is a job that comes with extreme power. I hope you use that… Continue reading Dear new parliamentarians,

Conversations on International Women’s Day

Exciting news - the Alliance Francaise has very kindly invited me to talk on International Women's Day this year. I'll be talking about feminism, threats to women's rights, and the fine balance required to stay sane as a woman in South Africa. If you'd like to come, check out the Facebook event, here.